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Secure and convertible control panel, Limitless possibilities – Possible to have many different prices and discounts – Interconnection with other booking systems, keep stock status always correct – Increase your Revenue Selling Extras, Activities, Events, Car Rentals – Bookings from Tripadvisor – Facebook App – Availability Calendars and More – Property Management System and more…..

You can mark booking as request and it gets a special color in the calendar, you can mark whether the client has paid and you can mark at he has arrived or has departed, you can see all client details like nationality and print if you want, you can view and print various reports as daily departures, daily arrivals, cleaning today, the number of visitors from each country,  plus so many other things …..

Bemar deliver the Control panel and what concerns customers fully installed and ready both for you and your customer to make a booking.

For those who prefer we offer many custom solutions and integration, you can learn more about them in Bemar Wiki! It is also explanation button ? with all functions in the control panel.


Complete solution:
– Homepage
– Hosting
– Webmail
– Online booking system

– One control panel for all bookings
– Easy to control the supply of rooms
– You can organize your guests in rooms
– Possibility of a single control panel for many hotels
– Store additional guest information
– Bookings and supervision control
– No booking fee
– Free system updates
– Free service and install