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Channel Manager

These channels “Channel Manager” are supported with more being added all the time.

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bemarbooking_bemarchannel – Expedia – Airbnb allt API/XML
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*Invoices and customers can be transferred electronically between Bemar booking system and Kashflow accounting system, as are the invoice number synchronise.

channel manager

The Synchroniser function will keep inventory up-to-date in real time at our channel partners, allowing hosts to use and get the most out of multiple on-line booking channels without the hassle of constantly signing-in and updating all of them individually each time a booking is made (or cancelled) via one of them.

A basic example for how it works:

Lets say your are a B&B and your inventory is 2 double rooms. The inventory in is set to 2. This inventory gets exported to the booking channel. So both your website and the booking channel can sell 2 rooms. If you get a booking on your website the system automatically reduces the inventory in the system to 1 room. It sends the new inventory information to the booking channel so the booking channel has only an inventory of 1 room, too.
It works the same the other way around. If you get another booking through a booking channel this information gets sent to The inventory gets reduced to 0 rooms. Now your rooms are fully booked. Both your website and the booking channel will show no availability.

Custom availability to one or more channels: You can set up virtual rooms if you want to send custom availability to one or more channels. For example you may not want to sell via a particular channel at certain times of the year.

Different rates for each channel: can send rates to most booking channels. You can see the capabilities for each channel in the set up instructions. You can use different rates on your web site and even for each booking channel. To do so you can create multiple rates. You control where each rate is used via the “Channels” tab in the rate.